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Car Computer
Car Computer is Europe's dedicated retailer of 7 inch - 10 inch touch screen monitors.

UCS are worldwide suppliers of Nanovision MiMo monitors, who also offer trade accounts.

What They Say

"For people who work with a number of apps and find desktop space to be at a premium...this is definitely worth a second look."

"Mimo Monitors make multitasking fun."
Tom's Hardware

"These look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat windows...it's perfect to make your awesome computer rig even more awesome."

"The good news is you can connect Mimo to your computer via USB, great for running a laptop setup."
Gadget Review

Nanovision MiMo - the first 7 inch USB powered display

Implementing modern research into display connectivity, Nanovision brings us the MiMo series. The MiMo series of displays are a collection of 7 inch monitors that extend a user's desktop onto a smaller, convenient and portable display. Offload some of your vital programs, such as IM, media player or photo management onto the MiMo display to keep your main display organised.

Five functions. One USB cable.

The MiMo monitor series are built to improve your workflow. The best-selling MiMo UM-740 boasts five features, by using one simple USB cable:

  1. Completely powered by one USB cable - no messy wiring required.
  2. Beautiful, LED backlit 7 inch display.
  3. Touchscreen interface.
  4. High resolution webcam for instant video conferencing.
  5. 'Swivel' mode to alternate between landscape and portrait angles.

Who needs an additional 7 inch display?

It's your MiMo, so you can extend your desktop however you choose. MiMo monitors were built to affordably improve your efficiency in whatever you do.

The European retailers at www.carcomputer.co.uk specialise in supplying compact touch screen monitors to the automotive industry. You can find worldwide supply of MiMo monitors at www.ucs.co.uk who provide reliable and dependable hardware to research laboratories, factories, banks and much more.